Making of: Ghost Neighborhood (part 1)

Ghost Neighborhood¬†started because I wanted to make an uneven accordion book that made you feel like you were looking down an unsuspecting suburban street. Look closer, things will look awry, and hopefully that’ll make you want to open the book and look inside.


From the initial little sketch to the to-scale sketch, I changed the shape pretty dramatically… I thought the houses looked more interesting if they weren’t all ranch houses and the new book shape is easier to hold and open. I had a bad feeling the original shape would be too floppy at full size.



Making separations feel like old hat now. I can put on some music, turn my brain off, and get it done.


So did it work? Do you want to look inside? I hope so. :)

I’ll update again when I start printing.

Ghost Hotel is on its way!

Ghost Hotel, a new silkscreen book I’m designing, continues with color separation preparation. When printed and put together, this accordion book will be a 3.25 foot tall book when completely unfolded… taller than most toddlers.

I usually don’t completely decide the colors I’d like to use before making the separations. It keeps that part of the process more interesting and from becoming a tedious and boring effort.¬†Without commitments, I’ll be able to change my intentions at any point and be okay with it.

So what colors am I going to use? I can still change my mind about that later. :)