One moment at a time

On November 29, 2013, these sketches triggered the volvelle, or wheel chart, which is a paper construction with rotating parts. I actually didn’t know the its proper name for a long time so I called it(and still call it in my mind) the “circle book.”


With the shape, I knew I wanted to make something about the cycle of time and decided on showing someone working at a diner. Then I could show a full day though meals and working.


Prototyping begins. The mockup told me a few things.

1. This size is way too small (about 4″ in diameter).
2. Dividing the circle into 4 slices isn’t interesting enough.
3. Cutting the top circle in half does not leave enough mystery and it looks sloppy.
4. I must include a diner sign with food on it.


The final mock and separations.


I based the colors off the color wheel because I thought they transitioned nicely and fit well into the day and night scenes. If you look closely, you’ll see I printed gradients on opposite slices.


Construction was probably the hardest since all the circles were hand cut with an exacto knife. They’re a little imperfect but I’m pretty satisfied with the final look. More circle books for the future, I hope!


  • 9″ in diameter
  • 8 color print (4 gradients)
  • Bottom layer: Fabriano Tiepolo
  • Top layer: Plike in black
  • Edition of 15

Making of: Ghost Pizzeria

How to make Ghost Pizzeria:

1. Log stupid idea late at night. Laugh alone at what you’ve just done.


2. Find stupid idea still hilarious the next morning. Organize ideas into a coherent order in book form.


3. Make color separations. This one required 4 sheets of acetate so 4 colors will be printed.


4. Buy nice paper like Hahnemühle Schiller. Then screen print.


5. Take time to laugh at what you’ve done once again.


6. Clean up and go home.


Ghost Pizzeria
Edition of 18
4 colors
5.5″ x 5″

Ghost Pizza

If by chance, one day, you find yourself sketching something strange in your sketchbook…

Maybe it’s worth refining it again despite your reservations…

And if you’re feeling a little better about it, take that picture to the next level…

… and screen print it!

Ghost Pizza
Edition of 25
4.5″ x 3.5″ (Postcard size)
2 colors: hand-mixed red and transparent yellow (for ghost-iness)