One moment at a time

On November 29, 2013, these sketches triggered the volvelle, or wheel chart, which is a paper construction with rotating parts. I actually didn’t know the its proper name for a long time so I called it(and still call it in my mind) the “circle book.”


With the shape, I knew I wanted to make something about the cycle of time and decided on showing someone working at a diner. Then I could show a full day though meals and working.


Prototyping begins. The mockup told me a few things.

1. This size is way too small (about 4″ in diameter).
2. Dividing the circle into 4 slices isn’t interesting enough.
3. Cutting the top circle in half does not leave enough mystery and it looks sloppy.
4. I must include a diner sign with food on it.


The final mock and separations.


I based the colors off the color wheel because I thought they transitioned nicely and fit well into the day and night scenes. If you look closely, you’ll see I printed gradients on opposite slices.


Construction was probably the hardest since all the circles were hand cut with an exacto knife. They’re a little imperfect but I’m pretty satisfied with the final look. More circle books for the future, I hope!


  • 9″ in diameter
  • 8 color print (4 gradients)
  • Bottom layer: Fabriano Tiepolo
  • Top layer: Plike in black
  • Edition of 15

More jellyfish

Still working on those jellyfish but now there’s some action going on.

I’ve been drawing so many that I think I’m getting OCD. Sorry about the bad scan– a weird shadow appeared when I put the drawing into the scanner.

Here’s a closeup. Does it gross you out? I can’t stand polka dots so it’s kind of grossing me out…

I’m putting my little drawing obsession with jellyfish to work into a new screen printed book. No jellyfish will go to waste!

patience + fake coffee + real coffee

I’ve been doing many things to distract myself from Hearts & Holes lately. Garrr!!

This is why. I screen printed an accordion book of pixelated coffee cups in NYC!

I’ve been taking a silkscreen class in SVA thinking that I could do Hearts & Holes related work but this just popped out. I do love making pixel artwork.

A close-up of the cover. Registration is not perfect but good enough.

The inside covers are screenprints of old newspaper articles about none other than Mr. Coffee.

In total, it’s an 8 page fold out– the coffee ranges from chain brands to NY-high-snob-factor. I tried to present you the coffee in every way possible without actually telling you what they are. Where’s the fun in giving that away right?

In my preliminary designs, I actually had more than 20 coffee cups but they couldn’t all fit into the layout. I want to go back to it again though. There are so many great looking cups in New York.

I have another secret project that I’ll reveal soon too. And yes, it’s another distraction from my comic.