Making of: Ghost Pizzeria

How to make Ghost Pizzeria:

1. Log stupid idea late at night. Laugh alone at what you’ve just done.


2. Find stupid idea still hilarious the next morning. Organize ideas into a coherent order in book form.


3. Make color separations. This one required 4 sheets of acetate so 4 colors will be printed.


4. Buy nice paper like Hahnemühle Schiller. Then screen print.


5. Take time to laugh at what you’ve done once again.


6. Clean up and go home.


Ghost Pizzeria
Edition of 18
4 colors
5.5″ x 5″

Ghost Pizza

If by chance, one day, you find yourself sketching something strange in your sketchbook…

Maybe it’s worth refining it again despite your reservations…

And if you’re feeling a little better about it, take that picture to the next level…

… and screen print it!

Ghost Pizza
Edition of 25
4.5″ x 3.5″ (Postcard size)
2 colors: hand-mixed red and transparent yellow (for ghost-iness)