MoCCAFest 2013

MoCCAFest 2013 was so great this past weekend! Many thanks to everyone who dropped by Blood Bakery and are now proud new parents to my screenprinted books.


Also, I am very grateful to have received the MoCCA Award for Excellence for Ghost Hotel. Special thanks to the judges and to David Mazzucchelli who picked it up during the fair and entered it in!


Ghost Hotel sold out on Saturday but I will be making a 2nd print run soon. Stay tuned!

Mocca 2013 & more!


Some news!

I’ll be selling my comics and books at MoCCA Fest NYC on April 6 and 7. If you’re dropping by the fair, I’m at table D107, Blood Bakery. Come say hello!

Also, you may have noticed I changed my blog’s name recently. With time comes change and after three years, I decided that my work better fits the Ghost Cult name. Everything else will remain the same though, so no biggie. Carry on!

Otherwise, I’m working on a new book called Ghost Pizzeria. When I finish up the details, I’ll make a proper process post. For now, a preview!