Making of: 6 Degrees Show postcard

On December 6, I’ll be joining a show called 6 Degrees put on by Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, MN.

The Concept
1. Gather people from all over the world to make a limited-run postcard about themselves and their location.
2. Mail your postcards to LGAL where they’ll collate and resend everyone a full set of cards.
3. Take one step closer to making it truly a small world.

The Postcard: Neon Sign Ghosts
My postcard is a tribute to the neon sign billboard, a now mostly discarded means of advertising in NYC. Fortunately this Pepsi sign, one of the last remaining neon billboards I’ve seen, is near my home. Its purpose is more for glitz but I’m still glad it’s there.

6deg-016deg-02 6deg-03 6deg-04

Surprise! It glows in the dark! A true tribute to the neon sign.

If you’re in Minneapolis on December 6 and have some time, check out the show!