More jellyfish

Still working on those jellyfish but now there’s some action going on.

I’ve been drawing so many that I think I’m getting OCD. Sorry about the bad scan– a weird shadow appeared when I put the drawing into the scanner.

Here’s a closeup. Does it gross you out? I can’t stand polka dots so it’s kind of grossing me out…

I’m putting my little drawing obsession with jellyfish to work into a new screen printed book. No jellyfish will go to waste!

“Flora,” from the sketchbook vault

Sketchbooks are usually my safe place to do weird things and not think about the consequences(aka if it sucks). It’s great to be under no pressure. My brain is off and I let my little hands do their thang. I  don’t use whiteout in my sketchbook so there are a few grammatical/spelling/drawing errors.

Alone time for me

I’ve been tired lately with work work, compiling Hearts & Holes, and other things so I haven’t been posting as much as I’ve wanted. Here’s how I’ve been feeling lately in picture form.

I pretty much gave away the entire first edition of Hearts & Holes to my classmates so I’ll need to start whipping up a second batch soon to bring to stores. I have one copy left though so I’ll be taking mug shots of it soon for show and tell.

The little things

I’ve been trying to get together the little details of H&H like the inside cover text so here’s a little doodle from it. It’s been nice taking my time through this part of the process of putting the book together. Usually I’m late with the pencils/inks so it’s a minor miracle that I was diligent with my schedule this time around. Anyway, here are more hearts.

Hearts and Holes.

Working hard on the inks for Hearts & Holes (previously named Untitled-Heart). Here’s a finished snippet.

So, what’s this comic about? It’s about two people who have each lost very different but important things and their journey to recover those things. Maxwell lost his heart(literally his heart… none of that broken-heart-wimpy-stuff!) and Mary lost her memories(just her memories, not her brain). “What’s going ON?!” you ask? I’m not sure either… Let’s go on the adventure together!

This is Maxwell. He lives on the island.

I’ll have a picture of Mary for you tonight!

Doggy Comic

I don’t know why but I decided to draw dogs lately and so I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned into this comic. Enjoy!

Sorry about the fold in the middle. I’ll put a heavy book on top of my scanner next time I scan something to get rid of that.

P.S. There has been some confusion about the ending. Look closely at the right HAND side of the object and you might be able to GRASP the answer… Did you get that?

I’m late but here’s Robocop

I ran out of automatic posts but I have a lot of things to post!

This was done for the last Draw That Again challenge, which was to reinvent a any character of your choice. I chose Robocop and gave him a slimmer, rustier look. I used my new Rapidographs to ink it, which explains why it took me 2 days to cross hatch this thing to death. I’ve decided that Rapidographs are not my tools of choice, but they’re nice when I feel OCD.