Ghosts and Aches

Ghost Hotel, 2nd Edition, is now complete!


Some details:

  • The 2nd edition has 20 books.
  • They’re made with a heavier, smoother paper stock: Revere Suede Black 300 gsm.
  • A new color to separate the editions. Yellow ghosts are now yellow-green.
  • The white paint is much whiter.
  • Ghosts appear more ghostly in this edition.
  • Available for purchase soon online. Sooner at this event.

I’ve also started on a new print series called Aches.


The series started when a bad toothache kept me up all night. Details and final prints soon!

Ghost Hotel is on its way!

Ghost Hotel, a new silkscreen book I’m designing, continues with color separation preparation. When printed and put together, this accordion book will be a 3.25 foot tall book when completely unfolded… taller than most toddlers.

I usually don’t completely decide the colors I’d like to use before making the separations. It keeps that part of the process more interesting and from becoming a tedious and boring effort.¬†Without commitments, I’ll be able to change my intentions at any point and be okay with it.

So what colors am I going to use? I can still change my mind about that later. :)