Making of Aches, a print series

Anything worth doing takes time, tears, and midnight snacks.

February 2013
Aches┬ábegan on February 6, 2013. As you can tell from my enthusiasm, I didn’t think much of it.


March 2013
The little thumbnail incepted me — I couldn’t get the image out of my head. Truthfully, I couldn’t find the right book/story to put him in… so I just pinned him to my board.


April 2013
During MoCCA Fest, my table buddy mentioned making prints and I was struck by lightning!


May 2013
Prints complete! Our stomachache friend is no longer alone but I’m not done yet.


Future 2013
I’m designing a portfolio for each set of prints.

Process: The Jellyfish Book, Part 1 of 2

I’ve been having a lot of fun working on my last accordion book for my screenprinting/book making class so I thought I’d share with you my process in making it.

Shall we start at the beginning? An idea can sometimes start with something as stupid as this:

A glass of water and someone throwing up

Hm, that was an interesting start but kind of weird. The water reminded me of the jellyfish I drew a lot of recently so maybe I’ll start from there? How can I make that work into a book? When I made the coffee book, I thought it looked nice but it lacked any kind of narrative which made it a little boring. So after a while, I came up with this:

Jellyfish inside a whale.... jellyfish being eaten by a whale! A HA!

A book about being eaten by a whale. Jellyfish like that can be easily mistaken for plankton?

An interesting idea isn’t enough. After I get a concept, I spent a long time fleshing out the details. Everything from how the jellyfish would gather on their way into the whale’s mouth, the position of the whale’s eyes, how the book would eventually look slightly folded open, etc, are all small but important details to me.

The devil is in the details, right?

After I sketch enough, I start making the transparencies for screen printing. Some people draw their images on paper with a pencil first and then draw their images onto transparencies with a pen but I decided to skip the step and just wing it and start with the pen on the transparencies. Sometimes it’s more fun to just deal with the consequences.

The first 2 panels

The last 2 panels

I made a bunch of other layers too… in screenprinting, each color needs its own transparency…. oh man, this is a long process. I’ll continue this in my next entry!