Aches, finally complete.

Remember the old project Aches that I was working on a few months ago? It was a series of 5 prints about aches and ghosts. The prints themselves came so easily to me, but I have been toiling for months trying to find the proper box/folder/cover to house them in. I bought grommets, folders, rubber bands, and other experimental items just to toss them aside.

In the end, I came up with a pocket folder that looks like a medical folder. It doesn’t have any fancy doodads, but I think it’s appropriately simple:


Fast facts:

  • Edition of 10
  • Prints: Peschia White paper
  • Folder: Stonehenge Black paper
  • Size: 6.5″ x 8.5″

Ghost Neighborhood, complete!

I present to you, Ghost Neighborhood!

fgn-01 fgn-02 fgn-03 fgn-04

Fast facts:

  • Learn about the process of making this in part 1 and part 2.
  • Almost no ghosts were destroyed during Ghost Neighborhood construction.
  • Designed to look good tucked into a shelf or opened for display.
  • I’m still not sick of ghosts.

Ghost Neighborhood
Edition of 25
3 colors (white, eye-shocking pink, cool electric blue)
5.75″ x 7″ closed (5.75″ x 33″ open)
Printed on Magnani Revere Suede black paper (300 gsm)

Available for sale now in the GhostCult Convenience Store!

Making of Ghost Neighborhood (part 2)

Silkscreening Ghost Neighborhood came and went without a hitch. A good print day always makes my week. :)


Then comes individually cutting and assembling all the pages, which is just as labor intensive as the printing.

This was my mock book test to see how the final product would look. I really wanted Ghost Neighborhood to look like you were looking down a seemingly quiet suburban street when the book is flat as well as open on display.


It took me a day to cut down the other 24  prints. Tomorrow, a few more cuts and hours of assembling.


Final post with more glam shots and details soon!

Ghost Cardigan + New Book + Other

Drawing Ghost Cardigan is complete, but of course my printer had to break. New parts are flying in now, thank goodness. Also, I can’t bear to just let this be 100% machine printed so I’ll be putting in a handmade surprise.


Here’s a sneak peak at my next silkscreen book, The Neighborhood. Proper details soon as I finalize separations.


I cut these little ghosts out of linoleum for some handmade business cards. I would like to get business cards printed by a proper printer but I haven’t found the right fit yet. I feel like business card Goldilocks– no one makes them the way I want– so I’ll suffer the consequences, DIY-style.

Making of Aches, a print series

Anything worth doing takes time, tears, and midnight snacks.

February 2013
Aches began on February 6, 2013. As you can tell from my enthusiasm, I didn’t think much of it.


March 2013
The little thumbnail incepted me — I couldn’t get the image out of my head. Truthfully, I couldn’t find the right book/story to put him in… so I just pinned him to my board.


April 2013
During MoCCA Fest, my table buddy mentioned making prints and I was struck by lightning!


May 2013
Prints complete! Our stomachache friend is no longer alone but I’m not done yet.


Future 2013
I’m designing a portfolio for each set of prints.

Ghosts and Aches

Ghost Hotel, 2nd Edition, is now complete!


Some details:

  • The 2nd edition has 20 books.
  • They’re made with a heavier, smoother paper stock: Revere Suede Black 300 gsm.
  • A new color to separate the editions. Yellow ghosts are now yellow-green.
  • The white paint is much whiter.
  • Ghosts appear more ghostly in this edition.
  • Available for purchase soon online. Sooner at this event.

I’ve also started on a new print series called Aches.


The series started when a bad toothache kept me up all night. Details and final prints soon!

MoCCAFest 2013

MoCCAFest 2013 was so great this past weekend! Many thanks to everyone who dropped by Blood Bakery and are now proud new parents to my screenprinted books.


Also, I am very grateful to have received the MoCCA Award for Excellence for Ghost Hotel. Special thanks to the judges and to David Mazzucchelli who picked it up during the fair and entered it in!


Ghost Hotel sold out on Saturday but I will be making a 2nd print run soon. Stay tuned!

Making of: Ghost Pizzeria

How to make Ghost Pizzeria:

1. Log stupid idea late at night. Laugh alone at what you’ve just done.


2. Find stupid idea still hilarious the next morning. Organize ideas into a coherent order in book form.


3. Make color separations. This one required 4 sheets of acetate so 4 colors will be printed.


4. Buy nice paper like Hahnemühle Schiller. Then screen print.


5. Take time to laugh at what you’ve done once again.


6. Clean up and go home.


Ghost Pizzeria
Edition of 18
4 colors
5.5″ x 5″

Mocca 2013 & more!


Some news!

I’ll be selling my comics and books at MoCCA Fest NYC on April 6 and 7. If you’re dropping by the fair, I’m at table D107, Blood Bakery. Come say hello!

Also, you may have noticed I changed my blog’s name recently. With time comes change and after three years, I decided that my work better fits the Ghost Cult name. Everything else will remain the same though, so no biggie. Carry on!

Otherwise, I’m working on a new book called Ghost Pizzeria. When I finish up the details, I’ll make a proper process post. For now, a preview!