Ghost Cardigan… complete!

Enter Ghost Cardigan:

  • 16 pages 
  • Comics + Illustrations
  • All about ghosts and their cardigans
  • Has some manuals and infographics
  • Made with pen, brush, and ink
  • Pages are 100% cotton
  • No ghosts were harmed in creating this

Here’s a bit on the process:

1. Sketch first in a homemade notebook.


2. Draw loosely in pencil. Toil. Ink with pen and ink wash.


3. Tediously scan in pieces. Color correct. InDesign the layout. Print on 100% cotton paper.


4. Ghost Cardigan.


Selling it here, or at the next fest.

Mocca 2013 & more!


Some news!

I’ll be selling my comics and books at MoCCA Fest NYC on April 6 and 7. If you’re dropping by the fair, I’m at table D107, Blood Bakery. Come say hello!

Also, you may have noticed I changed my blog’s name recently. With time comes change and after three years, I decided that my work better fits the Ghost Cult name. Everything else will remain the same though, so no biggie. Carry on!

Otherwise, I’m working on a new book called Ghost Pizzeria. When I finish up the details, I’ll make a proper process post. For now, a preview!



“Flora,” from the sketchbook vault

Sketchbooks are usually my safe place to do weird things and not think about the consequences(aka if it sucks). It’s great to be under no pressure. My brain is off and I let my little hands do their thang. I  don’t use whiteout in my sketchbook so there are a few grammatical/spelling/drawing errors.