Facts about Kim Ku

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A few things about me:

  • Every few years, there’s a new drawing obsession. Currently, ghosts.
  • I used to be 100% designer but now I think a mix of designer and illustrator is better for me.
  • I started screen printing in 2011, but only recently felt like I’m proficient at it.
  • Spending hours deconstructing book forms sounds like fun.
  • 85% of my book shelves are filled with comics.
  • I’m always on the search for the best white out. There is no clear winner yet.
  • I’m available for collaboration and freelance opportunities. Let’s keep in touch.

Professional me:

If this is your first time here, these categories will help:

  • Silkscreen: Silkscreened books are my bread and butter projects.
  • Process:  About how I work.
  • Ideas:  How I’d like to work.