October has been unofficially deemed Inktober, a challenge, for all who’d like to participate, to make one ink drawing a day for the entire month. It’s been going for years, and I finally couraged up.


Results have been varying depending on the day, mood, and motivation level.





Some interesting findings. Having no goal for this project has been a great goal. I had trouble from the get-go deciding what and how to draw until I just gave up. Each day has been an invitation to try something new.

Thick brush-lined drawings have become my favorite adopted style so far. I tend towards more controlled thin lines so thicker ones have been a nice departure.  They’re much more expressive but surprisingly requires an equal amount of effort. Each line has got to count.

This got me thinking. Franz Kline, an abstract expressionist, is one of my favorite purveyors of the expressive black line. He’s best known for his gestural black and white paintings which look deceivingly simple. Their compositions are often planned and practiced before being executed, but his paintings are still able to maintain a great sense of spontaneity and energy.


Pretty cool. There’s still some Inktober left for even thicker lines.

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