Adventure Time August

Summer productivity has been at an all-time low for 2014, but there’s this and a few other gems:


For the month of August, I’ve been drawing an Adventure Time a day. Fan art has been the single greatest love letter I could write to the things I obsess over. I can still draw Ninja Turtles, Sailor Moon, and embarrassing other things from memory. Soon, Finn and Jake will live in the brain banks.


In a broader sense, committing to a drawing, or any activity, in a fixed amount of time isn’t a new concept. There’s this great talk I’ve watched at least 3 times from Kate Bingaman Burt, an artist, designer, illustrator, everything-doer, who calls this structure “automated projects.”

One of my favorite projects from Kate was when she set up a rule that she’d draw all her credit card statements until her debt was paid off. Because of this, she also found her love for drawing, which is a pretty great side effect.

Onward to Autumn 2014!

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