Leading up to MoCCA Fest 2014


MoCCA Fest is like my comics fest lighthouse. It’s the only fest I’ve tabled at and this will be my third year there.

My friend was the one who suggested the idea in 2012. I think she knew I was making a lot of books that were piling up in my apartment and MoCCA Fest would be a good test to see if anyone else liked them. My books are mostly screen printed and limited in edition. At first, I started screen printing to mass produce covers for my comics, but I fell in love with the craft and bookmaking. Nowadays, I make narrative driven books that are influenced by comics– it’s really a mashup.

I love bookmaking most because I can play with form. It gives people a chance to figure out an object that is unusual and hopefully interesting to use and understand. I’ve worked in tech for years and in many ways, my books are a rejection of that. There’s no norm. You can’t swipe to get to the next page. The home button may not take you back home. I want to take your perception of a book, uproot it, and show you something new. Well, that’s the hope.

But let’s be real, I make a lot of ghost books. They won’t change the world but I hope they bring you some joy. I’ll have lots of new things to show everyone this year so drop by the Blood Bakery table at MoCCA Fest, April 5-6, 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

More details soon and previews of everything I’m bringing soon!

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