A Good Day.

I’ve come to understand that when you freelance, it can be excruciatingly slow one day and lightning fast the next. It’s frustrating but I also like it. When I don’t have work piling up, I have time for other interesting projects.

After a slow start to the year, I drew this on the train:


I felt a lot of kinship to the sketch even though it was just some random doing his thing; maybe it’s work, maybe it’s a personal project, maybe it’s tumblr, but he’s into it. Isn’t that kind of the computer nirvana we all want?

So I kept going with it. At home, I used a light box and redrew the image and inked it.


Still not done, I  vectorized the image in Illustrator. Vectorizing a scanned image requires finesse to get all the lines the way you want but sometimes the details just don’t read as well as a drawn image. So as you’ll see, I changed the circle graph on the notebook to a to-do list, redrew the pen, and parts of the hand.


At this point, I thought this could work for Cotton Bureau. Cotton Bureau is a quality, curated, crowd-sourced t-shirt making company. How they work is that you submit a design and if they like it, they’ll put it up for pre-sale on their site. Sell 25 before 2 weeks are over and it’ll get printed.


So I sent my drawing off with fingers crossed and luckily it was accepted– but my fingers are still crossed. If you like the shirt, resonate with computer bonding time, enjoy wearing t-shirts, or would just like to send a small beacon of support, consider pre-ordering a shirt. We have 10 days left to get 25 pre-orders! If this isn’t your thing, don’t worry, more ghosts forthcoming!

Pre-order the Good Day shirt here.

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