Leaving things to chance

First, sorry there’s a been a silence. Second, happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans. Lastly, let’s get to business!

To love silkscreen, you have to embrace a systematic process: draw, make separations, shoot your screens, print, print, print, fix problems, print, and assemble. But we’re all human and that can get boring. Here are a few things I did to break the monotony while making the pop-up book that I mentioned in a previous post.

1. Leave colors to chance. I love to print on black but I never test how colors would look on it in photoshop. I avoid using the computer for all of my books– it never felt right and I’ve had too many frustrating experiences printing separations on vellum.


2. When making a mockup, it’s ok to second guess yourself.  It’s more fun if the non-essential things aren’t final. It’s not so fun if the book doesn’t work so pick wisely.



I’m still assembling Curtain Call, but I’ll get you the full low down when it’s complete.

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