Pressure to make

A few months ago, I promised myself I’d spend until the end of the year making pop-up books. Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned so much reading and seeing beautiful old pop-up books with the help of friends. It’s been a great self-imposed adventure.

The thing I like most about pop-ups is the simple cut. One cut can make all the difference to turn an ordinary page fold into one that conveys a story in its form as much as in the illustration. In the end, I think these simple folds/cuts will always be my favorite.

But when you explore, you also have to do the things you don’t think you’ll like. In this case, it’s making the pop-up books that involve a lot of cuts and separate pieces I have to glue together. It’s a horror show to organize, and I’m not typically that organized,  so this one’s been taking a long time to figure out.

This is the format I’ve chosen, a convention that’s typically used in pop-up cards, which are also rare these days.


Unfortunately in that state, it’s a card, not a book. When I first sketched this, I thought it would be enough to make a book that’s just one pop-up like this, but I knew it was cop out.


That just means a lot of sketching and brain work.


The work compounds.


Can you tell what’s going on? That’s the state I’m currently in– the experimental stage, but I’m excited and horrified.


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