Fleeting ideas

To me, ideas are like dreams. If they haven’t traumatized you or you don’t write them down, they’re just going to slip away. That’s why I’ve been keeping a steady log of my ideas since I promised to in the beginning of 2012 and feel like I have a good hold on the fort. Some things I’ve realized:

It’s now clear when I did what.
I date my notebooks and each day that I make a new entry. It’s crazy how quickly I’ll forget everything. I also write the titles of any ideas I want to come back to on the cover for quick reference.


These books are now my memory.
How did I come up with that idea? What could it have been instead? Did it take a lot of work? I won’t remember but my logs have the answer!


Bad ideas need a home too.
Maybe they won’t be so bad in a few years… or maybe they will.


Ideas are the best! Don’t let yours go.

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