Ghosts + Tapestry

For the past month, I’ve been playing with a web and mobile app called Tapestry to make some ghost stories. I always explain to friends that Tapestry is like an anti-Powerpoint that’s used to tell interesting stories. It’s simple in its format, but really exciting to see how people decide to tell their stories with such limitations.

It reminds me of a documentary, The Five Obstructions, where a director is challenged to remake his film five times, each with a different obstruction. Each obstacle proves to be more difficult than the last, but the results become exponentially more interesting and innovative.

Anyway, I’m talking too much. Sketches and links instead!

This one is for a story called BOO.


These two are for Jim Ghost.



And this one is for Olive Ghost.


Other good taps: Animals Drawn PoorlyTapastries: QuicheHypersensitive and Irritable. A Week, and SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN.

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