Mystery Boxes

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about boxes.  Many are made just for the utility like Amazon-shipped boxes, but there are others that are unique and well-crafted. Take this box from Tonx coffee that comes to the office:

1. Unsuspecting

2. Opening the box revealed more folds than I thought it would.

3. Completely open. Silkscreen side up.

Very little excess cardboard is created and every panel of the box is screen printed. Even some of the unexposed sides are screen printed despite being hidden. Mistake? I think it makes breaking down the Tonx box just that much more entertaining.

I was inspired and wanted to make a few of my own boxes so here’s one of the more successful ones– a box with a sliding cover:

When I figure out what to put in the boxes, I can make a pattern and start mass producing. But for now, it’s just fun to experiment.

Drawing-wise, I’ve only been doodling on the train. Mostly skeletons.


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