The Best White Out Test – Part 2

I’m always on the hunt for white out pens.

  1. Deleter Whiteout 2 (Winner from the last test)
  2. Deleter Whiteout 1
  3. Copic Opaque White
  4. Krink Paint Marker
  5. Molotow Paint Marker


Last time I tried this test, Deleter Whiteout 2(#1) won the contest begrudgingly (that was the the control). Dissatisfied, I found a few more promising prospects and I’m back for Round 2. Once again, the goal is to promote laziness so the whites that require the least amount of layers and the least amount of tools will win.

I’ll be testing on this:

I used a Pentel Brush Pen to write this.

Here goes:

Results after 1 layer

After one layer of white out for each…

1. Deleter Whiteout 2
This is the control. Works well, but from the looks of it, others are faring much better. Onto the next!

2. Deleter Whiteout 1
I bought this based on reviews that it was better than the Deleter Whiteout 2 and they were correct! The paint is a bit thicker so when you dip your brush in, be aware of that. You may be laying too much paint onto your paper. Overall though, this was a success!

3. Copic Whiteout
A commenter was nice enough to drop the hint on Copic Whiteout on my last test. I bought it and I have to say, it’s quite nice. It comes in kind of a solid-thick-paste, so I had to use some water to loosen the paint up to actually start to soak it into my brush. This is the only downside– figuring out the proportion of water to ink — but other than that, I’d say this is also a solid choice.

4. Krink White Paint Marker
I keep dropping money on paint pens and so few of them have worked for me. This one is no exception. This is a felt tip acrylic pen that works on glass, metal and some paper. Unfortunately, on vellum, it comes out too thin, oily and generally not pleasing. I knew from the first layer that it wasn’t going to work out between us so I didn’t try for a second.

5. Molotow White Paint Marker
I was ready to be disappointed with this pen but using after the first layer, it filled me with a lot of hope. The first layer, as you can see above, isn’t great– it doesn’t fare better than the worst performing non-pen. Wait a few seconds though, apply a second layer, and prepare to be amazed.


Conclusion: I’m tempted to say that at least for now, my white out search is on hiatus. I’ve found solutions for my inking woes in both bottled form and pen form. Here are my picks in my humble opinion:

Best Pen: Molotow White Paint Marker
It may take 2 layers to get it working but the paint dries fairly fast and the results are surprisingly good. This will be my go-to for smaller mistakes like spelling or stray lines. Not recommended for larger areas that need white out– it feels like a waste of time to use this white out in this way.

Best Bottled Whiteout: Deleter Whiteout 2
It’s thicker in consistency than the Deleter Whiteout 1 but doesn’t need water to dilute it like the Copic White. It’s the perfect combination of coverage, efficiency and laziness. This will definitely be what I’ll use for those large mistakes like spilled ink or poorly inked things. 


3 responses to “The Best White Out Test – Part 2”

  1. Alexandra says:

    I think I might buy your recommendations. Pro White tends to require too many layers for full opaqueness and it smudges my sumi ink sometimes so I have to deal with gray booj.

    • Kim says:

      I haven’t tried Pro White yet… a test for another day :)

      I’ll bring in delete for you to try next time we see each other (just remind me!)

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