Ideas of 2012

Logging ideas can be fun... if you're in the right mood

Resolution for 2012: More thoughts on paper.

Friends and family can attest: my memory is generally, nearly-all-the-time, sort of poor. I’ve decided that starting now, I’m going to keep a log of my current/prospective projects. When making books, I always begin with tiny mockups which are cute but eventually become lost– so I’ve also created homemade (aka. ghetto) pockets for them. A good book is only as good as its idea — and if you don’t keep track of your own, who else will?

My resolution also includes putting new ideas into the book. They won’t all be practical but maybe I can somehow simplify them in the future. I aim for one new idea a day but I’d be happy if I get in 4-5 a week. Here’s to keeping up with goals!

My idea today: A pocketable mosaic


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