Hi Neighbor!

Been working hard at another silkscreen book called Hi Neighbor!.

My idea started off as a tiny mockup that I drew on the train:

Measures less than an inch tall

Then, after a few more mockups and a few weeks of printing, Hi Neighbor became real.

The full version on nice archival paper

I chose this book format because it fit the content (slanty buildings) and also because it was easy to make. Just fold a rectangular sheet of paper into eight sections (4 columns by 2 rows) and then cut 2 quarters in the middle divide. That sounds complicated, but trust me, it’s not.

You can get an idea of how it's made from this picture

Look inside and there’s a little surprise — blueprints of everyone’s apartment!

A lot of easter eggs on this side

I only made 16 of these– 1 of which I accidentally cut incorrectly, which found a home in my sister’s collection, leaving me 15 good ones.

Comics soon!

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