Three Armed Squid Anthology

Alexandra Bequez, Alden Viguilla, Estrella Vega  and I decided to put together an anthology comic under the name of Three Armed Squid. There are 4 of us so we decided that the first issue would be each of us making a four page comic themed around items that come in sets of 4. We thought about it for a while and finally agreed on making comics about the four seasons.

My sketches started in a little notepad I carried with me on my subway ride to Flushing:

And now it’s become this…

This one’s been tentatively named “A Pumpin’ Halloween” and will be released along with all the other comics in the anthology next year at Mocca!


P.S. Can you guess which season I got?

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  1. Alexandra says:

    It’s looking good! Although this just reminds me I need to start working on mine T__T

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