How to make a tic tac toe comic

Inspired by the game started by Matt Madden and Tom Hart, Alexandra Beguez and I decided to play the Tic Tac Toe comic game for ourselves. How do you play? Let me explain!

  1. Find an appropriate location– preferably a relaxed, uncrowded place with food and drink to keep up your energy and spirits. We chose the Schnippers on 23rd street where we enjoyed milkshakes, chicken fingers and homemade potato chips.
  2. Bring an arsenal of paper, pens, pencils and erasers. Here’s our setup:

    Any pad is fine. Mine was 8.5 x 11 and Alex's was 11 x 17

  3. Draw a 3 by 3 grid on 2 pieces of paper. Don’t worry if your boxes are uneven (mine definitely were).
  4. (Optional) Choose a theme for each tic tac toe comic. My theme was “creepy” and Alex’s was “science fiction.”
  5. The person who plays the X on one sheet of paper plays the O on the other. Each play you make has to have relevance to an X or O, whether it be making the shape of the letters in the panel or using X or O words in the speech bubbles.
  6. Now you’re ready to draw! Start the comic from wherever you’d play your first move in tic tac toe–  if you start at the center box, you start the comic in the middle of the story. The next person plays their next move by placing their panel wherever they’d want to go next, and so on and so forth till you finish the game. The object is to win, but you can also just play by drawing the panels you want to draw.

    Mid-game: I started in the center. In this game, you can tell the X or O by the speech bubbles.

    Mid game: Alex started on the upper right. This comic was wordless so we had to make X's and O's in the drawing.

  7. If there’s a non-win, which we both had, then the rule is to draw an OX in the last drawn panel. (Get it? O and X?)
  8. The game takes hours so set aside some time. We moved locations midday because Schnippers closed so we finished our final panel and then inked the comic at a nearby cafe. Here are our final results!

    I was O. Alex was X.

    I was X. Alex was O.

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