MOCCA 2012 and more


I’ve snagged a table for the 2012 MOCCA festival, an indie comics fest that’s been held in New York City for the last 10 years. I’ll be tabling with a friend under the name Blood Bakery where we’ll be selling comics, postcards, pins and more! I’ll also be selling a few of my comics/prints/books so get those fat wallets out of your pockets.

A few other friends and I have started a comic collective called Three-Armed Squid– and we’re making a comic anthology together! There are 4 of us so we decided the theme should always be items in groups of fours. This time around, it’s the 4 seasons. My season is Autumn so I’ve been making some sketches about pumpkin kids.

So where is Hearts & Holes? I took a comics seminar to help me finish up the ending, but the class ended up giving me more questions than answers. It’s not a bad thing at all — I’m smarter and more careful now because of it. Plus, I’ve worked on it for almost a year now… I don’t want to waste all the time I’ve invested into it. I’ll be making a small update on that soon.

I’m being productive, see?

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