A lot of my friends are selling their wares at MOCCA this weekend and I’ll be sure to stop by their booths to make them sketch things for me. And yay!.. they’ve been nice enough to sell part one of Hearts & Holes and my coffee books for me.

Here’re some process pics of how I made the Hearts & Holes cover:

I made my own stamp using some soft linoleum and old tools and stamped all of my books by hand. Each heart is unique– just as they are in real life.

Here’s the freshly printed stamp. Up close, it just looks like a weird jigsaw puzzle.

Here’s the inside. The comic pages are printed on a wallet-breaking 32lb semi-gloss white ream of paper… no xerox paper for me!

I went through a lot of iterations of the cover/book pages/printing methods before I settled on this one. If you go, take a looksee… if you can find it.

5 responses to “Mocca!”

  1. CWrann says:

    That looks great! I can’t make it to MOCCA, how do I get one?

    • Kim says:

      Aw, thanks Chris! I set up a little store for people to purchase it. It’s at:

      It’s my first time setting up shop, so here goes!

      • CWrann says:

        Just ordered it. No shipping?

        Easy to order, Paypal is always a plus! Great system, I’ll definitely look into for my own stuff.

        What are the chances that I can get a signature on my copy?

        • Kim says:

          Heyhey, haha, I actually just set up the shop and I forgot to put shipping info in. No worries though, shipping is on me. :) I def would recommend BigCartel. It’s free for up to 5 items but the monthly subscription fee isn’t terrible either.

          Def will get a signature and a sketch on the book for you!

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