A heart! A raccoon!

Oops, how does it always get to 3am so fast?

I started inking random pages from part 2 of Hearts and Holes after weeks of being too miserable to trust myself to work on it. It feels good to be back!

After I pencil, I ink random pages to keep my pages looking consistent, so this one is actually closer to the end of the chapter. I still have to ink the background but here’s a giant heart. I added a lot more tubes to the heart than is actually anatomically accurate… but it’s for drama!

Also, a bonus!

Below are a bunch of sketchbooks books I made using leftover copy paper from the last comic I produced. I was inspired by a great post on a great blog called from your desks… about about Marc Johns and his working space. I really loved when Marc showed off his self-made sketchbooks made out of regular ol’ office paper. It seems so ordinary but it forces his sketchbooks to stay their course– as non-precious-mistake-ridden-with-sometimes-wonderful-ideas things.

I was so moved that I actually made some for myself. The raccoon is just for show but he does make a handy paperweight.

3 responses to “A heart! A raccoon!”

  1. Hi Kim, found you through your comment on that Marc Johns interview. I liked the idea of making homemade notebooks as well. Did you just staple them? What size did you find works well?

    • Kim says:

      Hey, awesome to see you here.

      Mine measure at 3in x 5.5in. I actually used the leftover scrap(about 200 pages worth) from a mini comic I made so I didn’t actually choose that size specifically but it’s been working out really well for me. It’s a nice rectangular size so I can thumbnail my comics and write short to-do lists.

      To make it, I just used a bone folder to fold the pages in half and used a long-reach stapler and put 2 staples in the middle. I hope you make your own too!

      Also, btw, I’m really digging the patterns on your dribbble.

      • Thanks for the response, I’m gonna make some. I asked Marc Johns too, and he said just 2 staples, and about 24 pages each.

        Glad you like my patterns! I feel like it gives my design brain a good workout doing them, so I think I’ll keep making them.

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