In search of the best white out

Because I hate how my deleter white paint always gunks up my brushes, I’ve been looking for alternatives that are less messy and easy to clean up. Here’s what I got:

1. Pilot Super Color White (pen)
2. Sakura Pentouch White (pen)
3. Sharpie Paint White (pen)
4. Deleter White (needs a brush to use)
5. Liquid Paper (most accessible whiteout)


Here are the results… sorry the numbers aren’t in order… I’m obviously not organized.

1. The Pilot Super Color white: Useless!
The pen didn’t say it was intended for paper but I’d hoped it secretly could work. The grease from the pen actually bled through the bristol FAIL

2. Sakura Pentouch White: Promise!
Though I can still see a little of the pen after 1 coat, it performed a hundred times better than the other whiteout pens. I’ll use this again and report back.

3. Sharpie Paint White (pen): Greasy!
Though this looks like it works, it left the edge portions of the whited out area looking like I dropped chips on it.

4. Deleter White (needs a brush to use): Good, as it always is!
This was my control case. It’s completely opaque but I just have to remember to wash the brush.

5. Liquid Paper (most accessible whiteout): Greasy!
This option also works well but it suffers from the sharpie problem. Greasiness. I don’t want my pages to make me look like a slob.

Conclusion: I refuse to believe there is a pen out there that can’t help me be more efficient. The Sakura Pentouch is the best option as far as pens, but when I need something whited out, I’m sticking to the Deleter White.

Update: I’ve done another test which proved much more fruitful. Check it out!

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  1. Phyl says:

    I’ve heard good things about Copic Opaque White. :)

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