Sketches from part 2

I’m making it my mission to finish penciling part 2 of Hearts & Holes before the end of 2010. It will be about 13-14 pages so I’m almost there!

Here’s progress from page 10. I love when people post about their process so it’s only right that I share my own. I haven’t finished this page yet, but here’s what I’ve done so far.

1. I mapped out the entire story before I started real work on the comic so I begin with the initial sketch of the page complete with stick figures.

2.  My scripts should really be call “scripts” because by the time I got to drawing this page, I’d decided to reorder a few events and split the page in 2. Sadly, I had to start from scratch to create this layout.

3.  Here I’m trying to rearrange the text to see how it’ll fit into each panel. A chatty panel is like the kiss of death for my attention span… at least in my opinion.  On this page, Maxwell collapses so it was important to get the pacing right in the script.

4.  Once the script is finalized, I start working on thumbnails to guide me. I’ve found that this makes drawing the panels a lot faster since I’ve already worked out the angles.

5.  The final draft begins. I haven’t finished it yet but I have a map to where I need to go so it shouldn’t be the long before I get there.

I’ll post up the final page when it’s done but for now, enjoy the partial pages!

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