HandH: Starting on Part 2 of 3

How do you make an idea come to life? First start with this:

The anxiety starts to set in…I can’t bring myself to start… A blank page can be really intimidating and scary. That’s why I did this:

Hearts & Holes started off as drawings on a notepad I took home from work. That’s right, it looks like your 5 year old sister did it, but it gets the point across. It’s surprising how much a scratchy drawing even as bad as this helped me visualize what I needed to do.

That was really ugly though so I refined it once again:

Drawing the page again helped me visualize the scene a little better. I wanted my characters to be in the space of the forest, not on the outskirts of it so I had to readjust to fit more trees in. Other than that, I didn’t change much of what I started.

After that, I felt better drawing on the good paper. It took me about 2 hours to get to here:

I still have to fill in some pencils for texture and shading but I’m mostly done. I like to keep my pencils loose and save the refinement for the inking part. I’d say I’m pretty laid back about not having my inks line up with my pencils, so sometimes my inks look completely different from what you see above. I pencil all my pages first before I ink so I’ll make another update about inking later.

Inking is my favorite part!!

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