HandH: The Cover!

Progress! Now that the inks are done for Hearts & Holes, I’ve been scanning in pages and cleaning up inking mistakes in photoshop. A lot of people use white out to fix their mistakes, and so did I for a while, but I’ve decided that the best way is to just use photoshop. Whiteout can be messy and it gives the paper a bumpy smooth texture which means that your second attempt at inking may not work out as well as you hoped for either. Could just be that I’m better at using my wacom than a brush.

Also, this is the cover idea I’ve been working on. I prefer simple and vague.

All of my other side projects have been stalled while I finish this book up. There are still about 40 pages left to draw, ink, etc. My friend’s planning to apply for the Xeric grant in a few months and maybe I’ll apply… But I’m afraid that if I commit to it, my comics will become something I’ll have to make a schedule for and finish. Basically I want to avoid calling it “work.” So let’s just have fun for now and see where I am in a few months!

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