Slum: Page 1

Page one complete. Done on 9×11 size paper. Small but I plan on shrinking it down more for the final printing.

I’m becoming afraid that I’m starting so many projects that I’ll end up finishing none. Should I just focus on one and move on when I’m done? I think my brain just works better when I have to worry about many things at once so I’ll try to juggle for a few more weeks… when I start to burn out, I’ll start prioritizing my efforts.

I’m still struggling with the idea of having a style and how mine changes– as in I like working with inks, pens, brushes, etc, and I like drawing chibi, realistic, cartoony, etc, and i rend with stark shades, cross hatching, or ink wash. Does someone’s style still shine despite drawing in so many different ways? Some of my favorite artists only have one distinct style like Scott C and it’s instantly recognizable. I think I should start sticking with a style but… I’m more the type to experiment and explore… why restrict yourself if you don’t have to?

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