Picture break: My tools

There’s something nice about knowing about someone’s process that’s not your own. It can either confirm that something you are doing is working for other people too or you’ll realize that there are better ways to make things. Here are some pieces of my process:

  • I work big and size down my drawings. Typically I draw on 11 x 14 sheets of paper. I have worked smaller but I have to make sure my hands aren’t super shaky when I ink.
  • I ink nearly everything I do by hand so I use Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Vellum or Borden & Riley #234 paper because the paper is thicker and can absorb a lot of the ink I soak into them. If it’s a big project, it’s going to have be 500 series bristol but that really burns holes in my pockets.
  • I use brush, pens, and even ballpoint ink pens. Though I should be, I’m not an elitist pen person so you’ll probably see a little bit of everything in what I draw.
  • For ink, Kohinoor ink works best for me because it gives me the blackest black. I’ve only tested 2 other brands but this ones the best.
  • I use photoshop for cleaning up inks, whiting out mistakes, and colors. I used to draw everything from scratch on the computer but the lines never felt as organic that way.

But really, even if all you have is construction paper and crayons from kindergarten, use that.

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